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ASCII for German letters
Grammar - Contents

Chapter 1
Syllables and stress
Long vowels
Short i and long i
Full stop

Chapter 2
Glottal stop
Question mark

Chapter 3
Non-syllabic vowels
Short and long open e
Grammatical person

Chapter 4
Voiced s and voiceless s
Short a and long a
Short u and long u
Double consonants
Natural gender

Chapter 5
Three u sounds
Three i sounds
Grammatical gender

Chapter 6
Voiced and voiceless consonants
Three o sounds

Chapter 7
The ch sound
Voiceless and voiced sch sound
Short ö and long ö
Short ü and long ü
Four e sounds
Three diphthongs

Chapter 8
The definite article
The adjective

Chapter 9
Revision: Vowels
Revision: Weak vowels
Revision: Diphthongs
Revision: Other symbols
Revision: Consonants

Chapter 10
The letters ä o ü
The letter ß

Chapter 11
Personal pronoun - 3rd person singular

Chapter 12
Personal pronunouns
sein - present tense

Chapter 13
Gender of nouns
Singular and plural of nouns
Plural of nouns - pronunciation
The definite article - nominative
The definite article - nominative singular
The definite article - nominative plural

Chapter 14
The genitive
The genitive of nouns
Genitive of nouns - pronunciation
The definite article - genitive
The definite article - genitive singular
The definite article - genitive plural

Chapter 15
The dative
The dative of nouns
The definite article - dative
The definite article - dative singular
The definite article - dative plural

Chapter 16
The accusative
The accusative of nouns
The definite article - accusative
The definite article - accusative singular
The definite article - accusative plural

Chapter 17
haben - present tense

Chapter 18
The n-declension
The n-declension - pronunciation
The n-declension - syllables
The n-declension - plural
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